Perth fashion designer Kate Watts’ tragic story behind label ‘Only One Ashley’


Perth designer Kate Watts’ newly launched label Only One Ashley portrays a successful, elegant woman full of confidence.

But behind the 39-year-old’s glamorous creations are memories of a harrowing past that have helped shaped her into who she is today.


Kate suffered from pre-eclampsia before Ashley’s birth.

Kate created her label in honour of her late daughter Ashley, who she fell pregnant with after being raped at the age of 14. Ashley was born with a terminal brain condition that ultimately cut her life short at just 18.

Kate grew up with her close-knit family of four in Geraldton, but was far from your stereotypical country girl.

She reminisces about how an early interest in fashion meant she refused to buy outfits for her Barbies – insisting on making them herself – and how she was handpicking her own outfits from the moment she could talk.

But Kate’s innocence was short-lived.

She was sexually assaulted by a much older man, known to the family, having just started high school.


She found out that she had fallen pregnant, but fearing her attacker, hid her whole pregnancy from her parents.

“He [her attacker] said that if I ever told anyone, he would kill me. I was 14 years old, how was I supposed to know any better?” Kate said.

“He beat me while I was pregnant to try and get me to lose the baby.”

Throughout her pregnancy Kate suffered from pre-eclampsia, a condition that left untreated could lead to serious health complications or even death to her or her baby.

Despite all this, she went to school every day.

Her parents didn’t find out about their daughter’s pregnancy until she was in labour.

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Only One Ashley

Perth designer Kate Watts’ fashion label Only One Ashley was created and named in honor of her daughter who died at 18.
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12 Denim Brands the World’s Most-Stylish Celebrities Are Obsessed With

12 Denim Brands the World’s Most-Stylish Celebrities Are Obsessed With

Welcome to fall 2015 Denim Week! This week we’ll be highlighting the season’s hottest trends, tons of must-try outfit ideas, and expert tips on how to choose the best jeans for your shape. Keep checking back for more denim ideas!

Reason No. 6,385 that celebrities are just like the rest of us? They find the denim they love and stick with ’em, rocking the same brand of jeans again and again. Since we’ve spent more than enough time wondering what those jeans are, we decided to do some digging and got today’s biggest denim brands to ‘fess up about which celebrities can’t stop wearing them.

Name: Alessanda Ambrosio
Denim favorite: Mother
Other celebs you’ve seen wearing it: Kendall Jenner, Caitlyn Jenner, Sarah Jessica Parker
The Victoria’s Secret bombshell has a personal style vibe rooted in casual basics, and it’s rare to spot her out of a pair of jeans. She typically picks classic, slim-legged styles and frequently chooses light rinses or pastels over deep indigo.

Celeb: Kendall Jenner
Denim favorite: 3×1
Other celebs you’ve seen wearing it: Cara Santana, Jessica Alba, Olivia Wilde
As the Kardashian bunch‘s resident supermodel, KJ proudly carries the model-off-duty style flag. She’s led her catwalk generation in the collective love for high-waisted, super-skinny denim, showing a particular affinity for jet black pairs.

Celeb: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Denim favorite: Paige
Other celebs you’ve seen wearing it: Cara Delevingne, Gigi Hadid, Lily Aldridge
As the face of the brand’s campaign, it’s no shocker that Huntington-Whiteley reps Paige frequently, and the L.A.-based label couldn’t have picked a better ambassador. When not in sexy red-carpet dresses, she lives in jeans, typically picking slim pairs in classic rinses (or crisp, snowy white).

Celeb: Nicole Richie
Denim favorite: Ksubi
Other celebs you’ve seen wearing it: Miranda Kerr, Emma Roberts
The Australian denim line is a favorite of fashion-forward celebs like Miss Richie, who loves the brands’ straight-leg black style (meanwhile, Kerr lives in the brand’s denim cutoffs).

Celeb: Kate Hudson
Denim favorite: Schoen by Yu
Other celebs you’ve seen wearing it: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
This fledgling denim brand might be the youngest on our list, but already it’s amassed quite a loyal celebrity following. Hudson is the unofficial superfan, reportedly owning nearly every cut available.

Celeb: Hilary Duff
Denim favorite: J Brand
Other celebs you’ve seen wearing it: Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian
If you haven’t been paying attention to Duff since her Lizzie McGuire days, you ought to be: The actress has serious style and an impressive denim collection. According to J Brand, she’s been photographed in a pair more than 25 times.

Celeb: Jordana Brewster
Denim favorite: Madewell
Other celebs you’ve seen wearing it: Naomi Watts
The brand’s overalls were a big hit with celebs, with both Brewster and Watts sporting pairs on more than one occasion. Brewster’s closet includes a few other key styles, including on-trend flares that provide a nice silhouette variety from slim skinnies.

Celeb: Jessica Alba
Denim favorite: Anine Bing
Other celebs you’ve seen wearing it: Kate Bosworth, Ashlee Simpson
Alba’s a true-blue denim lover, so look to her to unearth new brands before they get big. Such is the case for Anine Bing, the eponymous cool-girl label from a Danish model.

Celeb: Reese Witherspoon
Denim favorite: Koral
Other celebs you’ve seen wearing it: Kate Hudson, Kate Moss
The star’s prim and preppy style means that when she wears denim, it’s gotta be pulled together—no ripped-up rocker jeans for her. For a good fit in deep, dark indigo, she’s found a favorite in this Los Angeles-based label.

Celeb: Kylie Jenner
Denim favorite: 7 for All Mankind
Other celebs you’ve seen wearing it: Kristen Stewart, Sofia Vergara, Reese Witherspoon
With a ton of styles on tap, 7 for All Mankind has amassed a celeb following that’s pretty varied. The brand’s current number one fan is the youngest Kardashian sister, who typically picks the brand’s skinniest cuts to make a major impression.

Celeb: Kate Moss
Denim favorite: Siwy
Other celebs you’ve seen wearing it: Kate Hudson, Heidi Klum
Moss might have invented the whole model-off-duty thing, and for her, it’s meant heavily relying on laid-back skinny jeans. Her denim of choice is frequently the American-made Siwy, a brand with plenty of ripped-knee, perfectly worn-in styles on offer.

Celeb: Gigi Hadid
Denim favorite: Guess
Other celebs you’ve seen wearing it: Jamie Chung
As a Guess girl since she was two years old, the newly minted super is an obvious choice for the label’s top wearer. She wears a ton of denim when not on the catwalk, and her sexiest, skinniest pairs of usually going to be Guess.

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And now, watch the Man Repeller show you how to wear jeans for evening:

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Lauren Conrad Is Having Her First Runway Show at New York Fashion Week!

Lauren Conrad is coming to New York Fashion Week for the first time ever! She’ll be presenting her LC Lauren Conrad Runway Collection at a fashion show on Sept. 9, and we can all watch: The entire thing is set to be live-streamed.


The runway pieces, inspired by vintage items and fairy tales, will be limited edition and sold at Kohl’s, with everything retailing under $200. There will be some new items to keep your eyes open for too: She’s set to introduce evening wear and handbags!
Flashback: Whitney Port said her and Lauren’s style game from The Hills “was not great.”
Tune in to our chat with Lauren in our series As the Mani Dries:

Photos: Courtesy of brand

Here’s How to Shorten Jeans Without Losing the Frayed Hem



Here’s How to Shorten Jeans Without Losing the Frayed Hem

Earlier this summer, we published a story about the next big trend in denim: frayed-hem jeans (a.k.a. raw-hem jeans). While the look of jeans with a ripped hem or interesting hem details are really cool, we received questions from petite women asking how they could pull off the trend without losing the cool hem detail, because they are forced to hem all their jeans.

Up to the challenge, we approached 3×1 owner, Scott Morrison, known in the denim industry as the father of premium denim, how to shorten your frayed hem jeans, without losing a single hanging thread.

Here are Scott’s instructions to tell your local tailor (or try yourself if you’re handy with a sewing machine!)

How to shorten frayed hem jeans:


1) Measure the length of the desired inseam: “This can be done a couple of ways, but the easiest way is to just use a tailor’s tape,” says Morrison. “We love this style when the fringe floats at or just above the ankle.”


2) Cut off the new hem at the length you’ve marked: “You should have a nice piece of the leg and fringe in your hand—which is OK!”

3) Use your fingers to gently fray the freshly cut hem: “The idea here is that we’ll leave this new hem ‘RAW’ and reattach the original laser-cut fringe underneath.”


4) Taking the remaining laser cut fringe piece and cut Cut the piece about halfway above the start of the fringe and overlock it to prevent fraying.”
5) Place the new ‘band’ of fringe onto the underside of the jeans: “Place it directly underneath the freshly cut hem, and sew it together using a matching thread.”


Voila! Here’s what they look like before and after. Frayed hems for all!

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Need some company to go jeans shopping?

Photos: Katie Friedman

See Which Princess Was Voted Most Stylish Royal (Shocker: It’s Not Kate Middleton!)

See Which Princess Was Voted Most Stylish Royal (Shocker: It’s Not Kate Middleton!)


The people have spoken and, ahem, Kate Middleton is not the royal with the most-admired style. Instead, Denmark’s Princess Mary took the (unofficial) crown.


Princess Mary at Sofia Hellqvist’s wedding this summer

The poll was done by British celeb weekly Hello! and asked readers to among 10 royals, including Kate, Queens Letizia, Maxima and Rania, Princesses Mary, Mette-Marit, Victoria, and Sophie, the Countess of Wessex. It appears that youngsters weren’t included in the running, or else there’s a strong chance we’d see Prince George’s name in the headlines. Hello, the kid has made Crocs and personalized sweaters sell out.

Mary, an Australian commoner before wedding Denmark’s Prince Frederik, won with 29 percent of the vote (and also claimed the top spot in the same poll last year). While the people love her, the princess is still waiting for some official recognition: she’s not one of the royals to be included in Vanity Fair‘s iconic best-dressed list.


At an official engagement this June

Come see how princesses do denim. We’ve got pics of 11 royals wearing blue jeans.

And now, enjoy these fun facts about your favorite duchess in the land:

Photos: Rex USA

Karlie Kloss Proves that Flats Can Be Just as Cute as Stilletos With a Cocktail Dress

Whether you’re supermodel-tall and shy away from wearing heels that add extra inches or just love being comfy, you can make flats work for formal events. At 6’1″, Karlie Kloss is a statuesque beauty who wears her fair share of gorgeous stilettos and heels, but she also likes to throw stylish flats into the red-carpet mix. See how she does it:

At this summer’s Serpentine Gallery party in London she skipped sleek pumps in favor of funky black sandals that wouldn’t look off if paired with cutoffs and a tee. Her bright orange dress is by Stella McCartney.

At a Chanel dinner, she looked very much like a cool Parisienne in a pair of ballet flats. Her Chanel dress would have looked just as posh with a pair of sleek stilettos or playful heels, but the ease of simple skimmers works brilliantly too.

Her floor-sweeping Diane von Furstenberg gown made it tough to spot her footwear at this year’s CFDA awards, but peek closer—those are metallic silver flats she’s got on. Unlike the soft leather ballerinas she wore to the Chanel dinner, the pointed toe and shine of this pair make them feel up to the challenge of taking on the more formal dress.

The key take-aways from Karlie’s styling?

Your dress shouldn’t be overly embellished or glaringly sexy if you want to rock flats. A low-cut, heavily sequined dress requires fancier feeling heels to match its formal vibe.

Pick simple, fairly under-the-radar shoes. Think of them as merely finishing off the look rather than stealing all the attention (keep those styles for super-simple weekend-ready jeans that need an extra punch). And, for the final guideline, avoid sporty-influenced sandals when at a red-carpet-worthy event. We love our Birkenstocks and thick, comfy-soled slides, but they make for an incongruous fit with party clothes.

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Plus, watch Karlie deliver the September issue of Glamour:

Photos: Getty Images, Rex USA

15 Vintage Photos of Grace Kelly Show the Princess’s Style Has Never Been More Relevant

There’s a certain je ne sais quoi that takes a celebrity from being considered really stylish, to being canonized a fashion icon. Jackie O and Marilyn Monroe are members of the exclusive “icon” club, but now, let’s turn our focus to America’s very own Oscar-winning actress turned Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly. Even before she captured the world’s attention for her stunning (and much copied) wedding dress for her marriage to Prince Ranier in 1956, it’s her daytime outfits, sophisticated suiting, crisp car coats, and austere-yet-feminine evening gowns that are influencing designers even today. She even inspired one of fall’s biggest handbag trends: the box bag!

Scroll through these 15 archival images that prove that Princess Grace will forever be a style inspiration to us all:


Here she wears a cowboy hat and midi skirt, a look that could have easily been on the fall 2015 runways, circa 1945.

She wore an emerald green gown to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in 1954.

This ruched white gown and diamond collar in To Catch a Thief in 1955 is a look synonymous with the star.

She was classically graceful in a cardigan and self-tie blouse in 1955.

She wore a belted shirtdress, a car coat, and her signature Hermès Kelly bag with her groom-to be, Prince Ranier, upon the announcement of their engagement in Philadelphia in 1956.

Wearing an embroidered long-sleeve metallic gown with Frank Sinatra in High Society, 1956.

Wearing an elegant oxblood dress with fur-trimmed sleeves in 1956.

Kelly is the epitome of old-Hollywood glamour in a white ball gown, a matching shawl, and opera-length gloves, 1957.

Wearing her go-to travel outfit: a fur-lined trench and top-handle handbag, in 1963.

Wearing a cowboy hat again with a tribal-printed shirtdress aboard a boat in 1965.

Wearing a black cape on a Swiss ski trip in 1965.

Wearing a car coat and cat-eye sunglasses on a trip to Stockholm in 1967.

She wore a hooded silver cloak and white gown with Prince Ranier for the Masquerade Ball in Monte Carlo, 1967.

She was ever the Princess with a ruby and diamond parure, replete with tiara, and a red cloke draped over her ivory gown in 1973.

Keeping it casual in a white broadcloth off-the-shoulder top (the must-have top of summer 2015) and door-knocker earrings, 1979.
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Feel like some more royal style? Here are 11 things you didn’t know about Kate Middleton:

Photos: Getty Images