Enjoying The Advantage Of Art With Konad Nail Art

Varying your nails by day with respect to the outfit you are sporting can only be possible with a nail solution that is certainly simple to apply. Konad nail art comes thanks to a kit which contains pre designed images that you stamp in your nails. Hand painting is fine but once you attempt this kind of nail art you’ll be mesmerized at the way it operates and the way easy it is to use. The Konad stamping kind of nail art allows you to in on a variety of images which you can choose from.

The interesting benefit of Konad nail art it is that it is really easy to use, you can accomplish it yourself which suggests forget about likely to spend cash on the salon for nail art. The industry of being forced to do your nails anywhere is quite a plus. An advanced modern woman this beauty technique is for you personally, plain colored nails are already the norm. Switch and pump in some admiral effect for your nails together with the wide array of images available. According to everything you like choosing the design to use your nails will likely be quite effortless.

Konad Nail Art 1
Achieving a neat check out their nails is really easy as the kits come pre-designed in a neat manner in that when you place it in your nail it doesn’t look messed up. The Konad nail art isn’t only for that nails, test the fit your cellphone, clock, sunglasses or any surface that you would like beautified. You will love the actual way it will not peel out once it’s dry.

Applying it’s not at all tasking, initially you apply a base coat or even the nail polish of choice and then apple the special Konad nail polish on the image of choice. Use the scrapper to eliminate off excess polish, press the stamp about the plate while you roll gently to find the design .The picture might appear on the stamp, and roll it in your nail within a gentle motion. Then it may last longer apply a top coat for your nail.

Konad Nail Art 3

Adjust different image choices provided so that you can achieve what you look for using your nails. Maintaining the nail art is not hard, drying up takes the traditional tome nail polish takes to dry up. Konad nail art is an exceptional means of standing up for. The mix that Konad nail art has is immense as well as the colors, white, red, black, blue, pink, purple, green among all kinds of other colors. With a different print another day you are able to color match or color block just prefer it.

With the beauty it brings to their nails its must be well worth the price. The price is affordable with respect to the kit that you go for. The core kit will give you a considerable ways that is certainly if you’re not sharing it with anyone else. In case you are in the market to have some fun, the level of fun you modify your nails every day or with the week Konad nail art gives precisely that, the privilege to showcase you nails and also the love for art.

Konad Nail Art 4


Easter Egg Nail Art: How To Create Two Designs At Home

Easter Egg Nail Art: How To Create Two Designs At Home

Easter Nails
(Photo : Photo : Courtesy JINsoon )

Celebrate Easter with adorable nail art! Nail artist extraordinaire Jin Soon Choi has provided us with step-by-steps instructions on creating two Easter egg designs. Scroll down to see them both:

Egg Shell Nails:

Step 1: Apply a base coat like JINsoon Power Coat to prep the nails
Step 2: Apply 2 coats of JINsoon Kookie White to each nail
Steps 3-7: Using a thin brush draw intersecting lines, the color order is up to you. For this look we used JINsoon Charme on the pinky, JINsoon Poppy Blue on the ring finger, JINsoon Farouche on the middle finger, JINsoon Tila on the index finger and JINsoon Dolly Pink on the thumb
Step 8: Apply a top coat like JINsoon Top Gloss to complete the look

JINsoon(Photo : Courtesy JINsoon)

Easter Egg Nails:

Step 1: Apply a base coat like JINsoon Power Coat to prep the nails
Step 2: Apply 2 coats of JINsoon Doux to each nail
Step 3: Using JINsoon Farouche draw a “M” shape at the cuticle and fill it in, reverse the shape at the free edge
Step 4: Repeat Step 3 for all of the nails
Step 5: Using a thin brush, draw a fine line mimicking the “M” shapes you created with Steps 3 and 4
Step 6: Apply a top coat like JINsoon Top Gloss to complete the look

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10 Basic Manicure & Nail Art Ideas That Can Also Work For Halloween Costumes

10 Basic Manicure & Nail Art Ideas That Can Also Work For Halloween Costumes

                 (Photo : Instagram)

Wanna get festive for Halloween, but don’t feel like breaking the bank with an outrageous manicure you’re just gonna have to change once the festivities are over the next day? Consider re-purposing some of the manicure classics we rock all the time!

Check out this list of 10 basic nail ideas and pick the one that goes best with your costume. That way once Halloween is over, you have nails that don’t need an overhaul to fit in. Easy and done!

Red. The sexiest color can also be the most sinister. You can take a simple set of classic red nails and have them become the bloody new addition to a gory costume.

Nails                            (Photo : Instagram)

Black. We abosolutely love a basic black manicure. There’s just something beautifully dark about the deepest nail color shade you can opt for.

Nails                           (Photo : Instagram)

Royal Hues. Dark sapphires and gorgeous emerald greens are a great alternative to black and add a sophisticated flair to a costume ready to make a statement.

Nails                           (Photo : Instagram)

Glow in the Dark. Wear a basic color mani to work by day, and have it transform Halloween night by lighting up your hands some kind of Halloween wonderful!

Nails                           (Photo : Instagram)

Ombre. Who doesn’t love the effect of this cool DIY design? Pretty much any color combo can work, so pair the two shades that work best.

Nails                           (Photo : Instagram)

Minimalist Nail Art. Simple nail art lets you customize your manicure right to your costume. Get linear with a simple verticle or horizontal design.

Nails                           (Photo : Instagram)

Glitter. Always festive, fun, and flirty, you can’t go wrong with glitter!

Nails                           (Photo : Instagram)

Neon. Bright and cheery, break out your spring and summer hues for that one night in October. Consider it a throwback manicure to warmer months gone by.

Nails                           (Photo : Instagram)

Creative French. Instead of the classic colors, opt for a fun twist to match your costume. Your Halloween nails will simply be super chic after the night is through.

Nails                           (Photo : Instagram)

Accent Nail. Probably the easiest to change, make one nail the Halloween standout, so changing it is super easy afterwards

Nails                           (Photo : Instagram)


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Quick And Easy Diy Nail Art Designs

Quick And Easy Diy Nail Art Designs

I have was required to slice my nails shortsighted a bit back as well as made a decision to utilize this for possibility to with some as well as simple nail art design styles specifically for short nails. Every one of the designs shown are simple after only newbies to complete, and demand just one or two items as well as nail art tools. Ive completed a couple of white and black styles in past times, well , ill be itemizing these because well together with 10 fresh grayscale DIY nail art styles. Ive incorporated a band aid nail tutorial with everyone nail design to ensure you get concept of generate an income made it happen. These kinds of designs are simple to accomplish as well as the most elaborate anybody can be finished in four steps. Using these designs, you’ll in no way exhaust motivation after you’re trying to find easy nail suggestions in monochrome.

 Non colored documents Stripes

Step 1:Begin by portray the nail whitened

Step 2:Make use of the dark polish to generate each heavy stripes in the center of the nail.

Step 3:Utilize a tiny nail art clash and black polish to make the slimmer black lines across the sides with the nail.

Non colored documents Stripes1Non colored documents Stripes

 Polka Dot Tip

Step 1: Paint the complete nail black.

Step 2:Coloring a white French tip.

Step 3:Utilize a tiny covering tool to generate your little friend black dots in addition to in france they tip.

Polka Dot Tip1Polka Dot Tip

 Monochrome Paw Prints

Step 1: Colour the complete nail white.

Step 2: Make use of a huge dotting tool and also black nail enamel to make the fundamental dots with the foot prints.

Step 3: Utilize a tiny dotting tool and black nail varnish to produce three dots to perform the paw.

Monochrome Paw PrintsMonochrome Paw Prints 1

 Wild Nail Design

Step 1: Coloring the nail black

Step 2: Make use of a significant dotting tool and white nail varnish to make large dots

Step 3: Make use of black polish as well as a small dotting tool to produce smaller sized dots from the big ones.

Wild Nail DesignWild Nail Design 1

 Hash Nail Design

Step 1: Paint the nail white

Step 2: Start using a black nail art striped bass to attract 4 lines to produce the hash image.

Step 3: (elective) You may convert this design in to a tic tac toe one by building sectors and crosses.

Hash Nail Design 1Hash Nail Design

Encountered some questions? Send me a contact on www.melodysusie.com and Ill talk you on any problems you’re having. To read more about nail art design please go to:http://www.melodysusie.com.We in addition provide plenty of reviews about uv finger nail dryer,uv lamp nail dryer along with nail art design tools.Should you have any question about nail design,Please feel free to contact us. Make sure to email us a photo of Nails to feature them here!

How to create newspaper nail art at home

How to create newspaper nail art at home

Nail art – latest craze among women

Nail art is the latest craze among women of all ages. Gone are the days when plain nail polish was the thing to style up your nails. There is a myriad of designs to choose from, from flower patterns to cartoon characters on your nails. The French manicure is no longer the only option to get stylish nails, even though it is still a favorite among many women. For those who do not have healthy nails, acrylic nails and the different designs that can be done on them can be the best solution.

newspaper nail art 4

Nowadays, people are coming up with new designs to use on nails. They are becoming more edgy and unique so that every woman can show off her personal style not only through her clothes but also through her nails. It is also a fun way to make a statement and show off her personality. Whether girly or gothic, there is something for everyone.

Protect your acrylic nails with nail care

Paper nail art is the latest trend in the world of manicures. It is fast becoming a rage among young women as it is quite different from all the other types of designs done on nails. Surprisingly, it is not a very difficult technique and can be done at home if you have the supplies ready. It is also not very time-consuming, especially once you have practiced a couple of times.

newspaper nail art 3
The items you need to keep ready are a light nail polish like pink, white or beige, transparent nail polish, newspaper, rubbing alcohol and cotton balls. As with any other manicure, you start off by applying the base coat to protect your nails. The light colored nail polish will ensure that the print from the newspaper is visible. Let this dry completely or you will damage the design.

newspaper nail art 1

The next step is to pour some rubbing alcohol in a bowl. You can also use mouthwash, vodka or surgical spirit if you do not have any. Dip your finger into the bowl and let it soak for about 10 seconds. Cut out a strip of newspaper and place it over your nail and wet it with the mixture. Then slowly peel it off and make sure the ink is transferred completely on to your nails. When it has dried, you apply the clear nail polish to give it shine. Any excess print on your skin can be removed with nail polish remover.

Know More About Vancouver Japanese Nail Art!

Japanese nail art is in, no matter how people look at it. People may think of it as worth their bucks or just a waste of it, nevertheless, it continues to be a trend.

It has been in the country for quite a long time. It has established itself as options for trendy occasions and special events. Continues to bring smiles to people who give high regard to their appearance and those who give importance to unique fashion and art. Yet there are those that frown upon the technology because they see it as an impractical luxury. But whatever effect it may have on different kinds of individuals, it surely has an impact to the fingernail world.

Vancouver Japanese Nail Art 1
What is it really?

Compared to the traditional nail polish, it gives more than just color to the nails. It presents a work of art that shows the personality of the person wearing them. Although the drawings can be 2dimensional, some people prefer having accents on their nails like gems and other figures and shapes. Vancouver 3d nails are good examples of this. Basically, it can be an inch or two of nail chip containing color, an artistic drawing or designs that protrude made from sculpting powder. The usual nail polish only gives the nail one solid color unlike Japanese nail art that have different colors patterned in creative ways and adorned with different kinds of objects of choice.

How is it made?

Depending on your budget, you can have a detachable nail or just an extension. An extension is basically adding a certain length of nail chip to your nails compared to a detachable nail that can be glued to your whole nail. Let us take the detachable nail for description on how it is done. This detachable nail will be coated with a special gel that makes it easier to work with sculpted powder. A UV lamp is needed to make the materials manageable as it can harden the components faster and make the process in a breeze. You can put loose glitters, molded items such as hearts, stars, guitars, and all kinds of materials of your choice. It is very creative and unique.

Where did it come from and where do I get it?

The uniqueness, creativity, and imaginative characteristics of the nail art originated from the land of the rising sun, Japan. It has been in that country for almost 2 decades and now it has spread to our lands in the West. And being the art as Japanese, it does not mean that you have to find a Japan nail salon just to get it. Several nail salons have adjusted to the new technology and acquired the right knowledge to provide the best service. Individuals have trained very well with the techniques of a good maker. They are as good as the ones in Japan. Where east meets west, it has evolved to having the standards and taste of the Westerners like for example a Hollywood Japanese nail art or a Vancouver Japanese nail art.

Vancouver Japanese Nail Art 2
Some people think of it as impractical because it limits you from doing the things you usually can do like opening soda cans and other activities that makes use of the hands. Nevertheless, technology and people adjust making more ways to do the things we used to do just to preserve this art in the fashion world.

How to do simple nail art designs

How to do simple nail art designs ?

Nowadays beautification is absolutely not tied to face or body by wearing lovely dress, ornaments, earrings, brooches and like. If you want design any print or pictures or you wish to have smile painted with your nail, tattoo or any other designs then you certainly really should effortlessly get it. nail art is so within the vogue trend. It will make you different from the crowd along with your nail looks very beautiful. If a women’s feet and hands look uncared for and her beauty is incomplete. Besides keeping them clean via a common manicure and pedicure, a girl may make her hands and feet look appealing by doing them up with gorgeous nail art designs. Nail Art Designs & Accessories is broadly recognized and the newest fashion declaration today.

Now there are lots of nail spas and cosmetic salon that offers you specialized services for beautifying nails by making different types of nail art design. However, the cost of doing nails up usually expensive. Believe it or not you can apply simple nail art design right at home, with hard work of you. So if you need to do simple nail art designs at your house, then here are a couple of handy suggestions.


To begin with, you should start preparing some tools and nail art decorations, including manicure and pedicure tools, nail art buffer, nail forms, nail art painting pen, nail art shine dryer, and etc .. Of course, you are able to prepare some beads or nail art flowers for nail art structure.

Before doing nail art design, you must carry out some nail take care of your nail of your everyday life. Comprehensively understand to take care of your nail because in case you have your nails strong and long as compared with weak perhaps you can easily beautify your nails. Consequently, it is very important to drinks lots of water and eats protein – vitamins rich foods. Consider applying fresh lemon juice on the nails for 5-10 minutes daily, it can help your nails getting stronger. Keep in mind never use any sharpen objects to eradicate dirt from your nail it might split your nails.


In order to fresh paint your nailsat a attractive way, get started with painting the full nail with blue polish. Now, take white polish and create a small flower by it over the tips of all the nails. Finally, set a silver rhinestone in the center of every one of the flowers. This nail design works best for both hand nails as well as toenails.

With more experience, you can make many styles of nail art styles and done properly, they’ll make the hands look fascinating and appealing.

Acrylic nail art designs – the One Thing Thats on Every Bride-To-Bes Itinerary

The bride-to-be is the center of attention at every wedding event. For many brides, the stress of planning a wedding is overwhelming, but there’s one thing she never overlooks and that is her nails. No matter how big or small the wedding budget is, there’s always a budget for the perfect acrylic nail art designs. Acrylic nails have become increasingly popular because of their professional look, flexibility of design and easy maintenance.

Acrylic Nail Art 1

The application of acrylic nail art designs is fairly simple. While there are hundreds of at-home kits for the do-it-yourselfer, salon quality acrylic nails can rarely be achieved on your own. With a salon manicure affordably priced around $30, many women prefer to have their nails done by a professional.

Acrylic Nail Art 2

First the nail technician will remove any polish or residue from the fingernails. Next, she will buff down the nails to create an abrasive like surface. This creates ridges for the nail glue and acrylic to latch onto which makes it last for weeks. Plastic nail tips are attached on the edge of your nail and cut to the size and shape you prefer. Acrylic powder is mixed with base oil which helps create a gel. Using precision technique and a small paint brush, the technician will apply the acrylic over top of the nail and plastic nail tip. Once all the nails are finished the technician will file and buff until the acrylic offers a luster shine similar to a real nail.


The next phase is where acrylic nail art comes into effect. When you walk into a salon you will see posters and nail chains displaying different designs. The nail chains typically feature 20-30 nail designs painted on artificial nails. You can line these up with your fingernail to see what they look like and if they would be ideal for your wedding day. Many salon technicians prefer that you to pick out a color or design that you would like before the manicure begins. Also bring a swatch of your wedding colors with you if you would like the technician to incorporate them into your nail design. Acrylic nail designs are painted on using a combination of airbrushed nail paint and tiny precision brushes.


The final step in the process involves a UV gel coat placed over top of your nails to help the acrylic nail art stay and the nails last. You will be asked to sit with your hands under a UV light for a few minutes to help the acrylic nail art kit  and harden.

You’d be surprised in the WOW factor custom nails can create coming in at a very tiny portion of the overall wedding budget. Just think of how often a brides hand is featured throughout the big day. There’s the meet and greet, then people checking out the ring and dont forget about the wedding photos. Its no surprise that a manicure is the one to-do that gets done right away!