Eye Shadow – Top 12 Tips On How To apply It Perfectly

Your make-up is as necessary to your finished look as the clothing you wear, after all, it will actually be more important. We tend to all noticed women who didn’t have a clue how to apply their eye shadow. But we tend to conjointly saw ladies who grasp how to apply it properly and they look put along and stunning. Don’t you would like to be one of those women? Obviously – and we tend to are going to offer you some high tips therefore you’ll do just that.


Great news – putting your eye shadow on correctly extremely is not difficult in the slightest degree. It very is just a matter of finding the correct technique and look for you and your personal vogue. Don’t worry if it takes some tries to get it right. Check out the following tips:

1. Continually apply a base coat on your eyes simply as you do to the remainder of your face. Loose power works or you’ll be able to apply your foundation to the eye space. It provides a nice even palette to work with.

2. Blend, blend, and then blend some additional. I cannot stress this enough. Try an experiment. Blend one eye and then simply use a brush and apply the opposite eye. You will instantly recognize what I’m talking concerning and you will never forget to blend once more.

3. If you would like dramatic eyes, take your eye shadow brush, dip it into water, and then into the shadow, then apply. It will offer you a a lot of deeper, dramatic color.

4. If you have blue eyes, wear purple, violet, taupe, gray, deep blue, and black. Funky colors embrace fuchsia, turquoise, and silver.

5. If you’ve got green eyes, wear purple, plum, forest green, brown, and khaki. Funky colors include light green, gold, and bright purple.

6. If you have brown eyes, wear champagne, copper, brown, apricot, khaki, and beige. Funky colors embody royal blue, tangerine, hand hot pink.


7. Everyone will wear navy, powder blue, and charcoal. Fun colors include silver.

8. Apply a lighter shadow within the inner corner of the attention to mirror and make your eyes look younger.

9. If you would like your eyes to look larger, use a lightweight color on the inner corner, and a darker shade in the middle of the attention space.

10. Observe till you get the application of your eye shadow down to a science. When you get sensible, your build up will look a lot of natural and a lot of polished.

11. Apply your dark shadow only to the eyelids from the lash line to the crease in the eyelid. Apply your medium shadow from just below the eyelid crease to the brow bone.

12. Highlight along the brow bone. Doing it this means can make your features stand out naturally and superbly.

Smokey-eyes 1

So there you’ve got it. With these prime tips you now know how to use your eye shadow so you may look your best.

Remember that whereas you are practising of these steps, that you ought to take notice of what works best for you. Practice by yourself, or practice with a disciple if you discover it easier to ask someone else’s opinion.

And yet another issue. If you make your face additional youthful trying with wrinkle creams that provides results, then any build up that you’ve got can be therefore abundant more effective.

So select it and get attractive instantly!

100 Lipstick Tutorials to Make your lips juicy

100 Lipstick Tutorials to Make your lips juicy

Enjoying The Advantage Of Art With Konad Nail Art

Varying your nails by day with respect to the outfit you are sporting can only be possible with a nail solution that is certainly simple to apply. Konad nail art comes thanks to a kit which contains pre designed images that you stamp in your nails. Hand painting is fine but once you attempt this kind of nail art you’ll be mesmerized at the way it operates and the way easy it is to use. The Konad stamping kind of nail art allows you to in on a variety of images which you can choose from.

The interesting benefit of Konad nail art it is that it is really easy to use, you can accomplish it yourself which suggests forget about likely to spend cash on the salon for nail art. The industry of being forced to do your nails anywhere is quite a plus. An advanced modern woman this beauty technique is for you personally, plain colored nails are already the norm. Switch and pump in some admiral effect for your nails together with the wide array of images available. According to everything you like choosing the design to use your nails will likely be quite effortless.

Konad Nail Art 1
Achieving a neat check out their nails is really easy as the kits come pre-designed in a neat manner in that when you place it in your nail it doesn’t look messed up. The Konad nail art isn’t only for that nails, test the fit your cellphone, clock, sunglasses or any surface that you would like beautified. You will love the actual way it will not peel out once it’s dry.

Applying it’s not at all tasking, initially you apply a base coat or even the nail polish of choice and then apple the special Konad nail polish on the image of choice. Use the scrapper to eliminate off excess polish, press the stamp about the plate while you roll gently to find the design .The picture might appear on the stamp, and roll it in your nail within a gentle motion. Then it may last longer apply a top coat for your nail.

Konad Nail Art 3

Adjust different image choices provided so that you can achieve what you look for using your nails. Maintaining the nail art is not hard, drying up takes the traditional tome nail polish takes to dry up. Konad nail art is an exceptional means of standing up for. The mix that Konad nail art has is immense as well as the colors, white, red, black, blue, pink, purple, green among all kinds of other colors. With a different print another day you are able to color match or color block just prefer it.

With the beauty it brings to their nails its must be well worth the price. The price is affordable with respect to the kit that you go for. The core kit will give you a considerable ways that is certainly if you’re not sharing it with anyone else. In case you are in the market to have some fun, the level of fun you modify your nails every day or with the week Konad nail art gives precisely that, the privilege to showcase you nails and also the love for art.

Konad Nail Art 4


6 Summer Diet & Skin Care Tips To Keep You Looking Your Best For Summer 2015


(Photo : Getty Images)

Summer is only here for a few precious months. Let’s make them count and become the best beach beauties we can! Lifestyle expert Jeanne Kissman and founder of PlumHill pure body essentials, agrees. She gave us the scoop on a few of her favorite diet, fashion and skin care tips. Try any or all of these juicy beauty bits out to make your summer a bit more sunny.

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Take a cold shower. A hot shower will enhance the effects of dry skin after a hot day in the sun. Take a cold shower to lower the temperature of your skin and reduce acne breakouts.

Red Wine(Photo : David Silverman Getty Images News)

Drink some red wine. Treat yourself to a glass of red wine before spending time in the sun. Studies suggest that the flavonoids found in the skin of red grapes may reduce the sun’s ability to destroy skin cells. Not only does wine taste yummy, but it also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits.

Wide Brimmed Hats(Photo : Chris Jackson Getty Images Entertainment)
This young woman came prepared for day 2 of Royal Ascot at Ascot Racecourse on June 16, 2015

Wear a wide-brimmed hat. Protect your skin and hair from the sun’s damaging rays by wearing a wide-brimmed hat. The hat will also protect your scalp and prevent sunburn.


(Photo : Matt Cowan Getty Images Entertainment)
This girl had the right idea at the 2015 Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival

Dine on melons. Beautiful summer skin comes from within. Eat a lot of cantaloupe and watermelon. These fruits are filled with antioxidants and will help hydrate the skin. Enjoy radiant summer skin by eating a healthy diet.

Stock up on strawberries. Use fresh strawberries to freshen up your complexion. Simply cut large strawberries in half, squeeze them to release the juices and rub them in circular motions over your face. Leave the juices on your face for 2-3 minutes and then rinse. This will brighten sun and age spots to even your skin tone.

Protect your hair before swimming. Wet hair will absorb fewer chemicals like chlorine than dry hair. Be sure to keep hair braided or pinned up to prevent unruly tangles. And avoid a tight bun, as wet hair is susceptible to breakage when it is pulled.

This article was originally published on Fashion Times.


Celebrity Makeup Artist Jamie Greenberg Tells Us Her Makeup Tips For Summer In Part 2 Of Our Exclusive Interview!


Jamie Greenberg
(Photo : Jamie Greenberg/Instagram)

Need some beauty advice for the upcoming warmer months? Sometimes the best beauty tips are the quick ones you’ll always remember. We look forward to the summer heat, but the hot weather can leave our melting makeup looking a hot mess. Enter celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg to give us some super simple summer beauty advice.

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Celebrity Makeup Artist Jamie Greenberg Tells Us Her Makeup Tips For Summer

Jamie, how do we pull off fun, crazy lip shades like blue, green or neon for the summer?

More than anything else, you need confidence to pull off these looks! I also believe in not having your makeup compete with such bright lip shades. If you’re going to go for crazy lip colors, you must make the lips the star of the show and ease up on other areas.

Neon Lips

(Photo : Instagram )

How do we take our summer makeup from a conservative work day to a fun party night in no time flat?

All you have to do is add a bold lip or simply fill in the water rims of your eyes with eyeliner. These quick changes will take you from day to night in an instant.

What is the best tip you have for solving unwanted shine that comes from the summer heat?

You can beat the shine the summer heat triggers by never leaving home without life-saving blot sheets! You can also try using use a mattifier too. Both of these options are way better than powder because they don’t build up.

Blotting Sheets(Photo : Instagram )

Any additional summer tips and tricks?

Melting makeup and sweaty, shiny skin are some of the most common summer beauty problems, but a lot of women also suffer from allergies in the summer too. I can personally identify with this beauty dilemma, so trust me when I say that during the summer months, you don’t want to cake on the makeup.

I always recommend distracting from things like watery, itchy eyes by going for a bold lip. If you really want to wear eye makeup, my best tip for allergy sufferers and sweat-prone gals is to go all waterproof (waterproof eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara).

Look out for our chat with Jamie on how to create flawless makeup during allergy season, coming soon!

This article was originally published on Fashion Times.


Top 5 Best Bold Beauty Looks From ELLE’s 2015 Women In Music Celebration

Top 5 Best Bold Beauty Looks From ELLE’s 2015 Women In Music Celebration

Last evening marked ELLE’s annual Women In Music celebration in Hollywood, an event renown for celebrity fashion and beauty choices that push the envelope. This year was no place for shrinking violets either, as evidenced by the daring hair and makeup choices that were spotted.

Call them fabulous or disastrous, but these looks definitely got us talking. From bold lips and neon eyeshadow to Gothic crowns and hair braided high, here were our top five picks for the event’s best bold beauty looks.

Maria Menounos(Photo : Getty Images/Michael Buckner)

1. Actress and television host Maria Menounos’s off-center cornrows, slicked down on either side and paired with a glowing complexion and strong brow.

Bitsie Tulloch(Photo : Getty Images/Michael Buckner)

2. Actress Bitsie Tulloch’s bright pink lip with an electric blue, geometric cat eye and completely slicked back, shoulder-length hair.

Debby Ryan(Photo : Frazer Harrison / Getty Images Entertainment)

3. Disney Channel darling Debby Ryan’s pale blonde and lavender accented hair twisted into thick milkmaid braids. The singer and actress sported a small septum piercing to finish off the rebellious look.

Andra Day(Photo : Frazer Harrison / Getty Images Entertainment)

4. Andra Day’s forehead bun and head scarf, paired with her signature pinup red lip and cat eye.

B. Akerlund(Photo : Getty/Frazer Harrison)

5. B. Akerlund’s black tulle and feather headdress. The stylist paired her Queen of Darkness crown with minimal eye makeup and cherry red lips.

Are these looks good, bad, or just plain ugly? Let us know in the comments below!


Beauty Wish List: What Women Really Want For Better Hair, Clearer Skin and Stronger Nails

Beauty Wish List:  What Women Really Want For Better Hair, Clearer Skin and Stronger Nails

Hair, Skin, Nails
(Photo : Getty)

A new survey commissioned by Nature’s Bounty Optimal Solutions, has shed light on how women really feel about their hair, skin and nails and the lengths they would go to achieve perfection.

Check out how the majority of women feel about using supplements to boost their beauty:

Most women notice weakness in their hair skin & nails

– Of the women surveyed, 79% often notice weaknesses in their hair, skin or nails

– And it isn’t just their own hair, skin and nails – 74% of women said they would notice if another woman had weak or unhealthy hair, skin and nails

Sofia Vergara(Photo : Getty)

– While 81% of women have heard about health supplements created to benefit hair, skin, or nails – only 21% are currently taking these vitamins or supplements

– 20% think they’re too expensive, 16% feel their hair, skin or nails are healthy enough, and 14% think they’re already taking a multi-vitamin and don’t want to take too many

– Women are willing to make some serious sacrifices for a year in exchange for perfect hair, skin or nails for life. Makeup was the first to go with 35% of the vote, followed by half her wardrobe (25%) and her smartphone (20%)

– Younger women are even more motivated: 45% of women under 40 would sacrifice makeup for a year in exchange for hair, skin and nail perfection

Kate Middleton(Photo : Getty)

Hair ranks as a top defining feature for most women

– 82% agree that how their hair looks affects how they feel about their whole day

– When choosing a photo for an online dating profile, hair (34%) and skin (25%) are two of the top three features that women want to look most attractive

– Women still long for Jennifer Anniston’s locks. She may no longer style her tresses in the famous “Rachel” from Friends, but Jennifer Aniston is still famous for her gorgeous mane.

– Aniston (31%) tops the list of celebrities’ hair women would most like to have, followed by Sofia Vergara (21%) and Kate Middleton (20%)


Lorde’s Natural, Fresh Glow At The 2015 Met Gala

Lorde’s Natural, Fresh Glow At The 2015 Met Gala

(Photo : Instagram)

Another fabulous look from the Met Ball!

Amber Dreadon, one of the industry’s most sought-after makeup artists partnered with luxury beauty brands Babor and Sisley to create a soft, glowing new look for Grammy Award-winning artist Lorde.

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“We were inspired by the shades of the Calvin Klein gown she is wearing and the texture of the sequins — how they look in the light and dark and wanted to recreate that on the eye. Keeping that as the focus,” Amber said. Here’s how to snag the look:

The Girl With The Glow

Lorde(Photo : Getty)

“I believe that you can’t create a beautiful makeup application without first perfecting the skin, so I began with Babor Skinovage PX Sensational Eyes Refreshing Active Pads,” the pro dished.” This professional product leaves the delicate eye area hydrated and refreshed.”

“I followed with Skinovage PX Perfect Combination Daily Mattifying Cream ($76) which has a light consistency and leaves a matte appearance,” Amber explained.

“Finally, I finished with Skinovage PX Sensational Eyes Cooling Eye Gel ($56). This gel has amazing stainless steel rollers that visibly refresh, relax and smooth the eye area creating a perfect base for eye makeup.”

Sisley Phyto-Teint Eclat Oil Free Foundation ($122) was lightly buffed onto the skin to create a lightweight flawless base. Sisley Transparent Face Powder ($112) was used with a large powder brush to lightly set the foundation and to remove unwanted shine.

Lorde(Photo : Getty)

Brows were defined using Sisley Brow Pencil in Cappuccino ($57) and combed with the comb attached to the brow pencil. Sisley Phyto-Eye Twist in Bronze ($50) was applied to the lash line and blended outward.

Love this natural Met Ball look? Tell us with a note below!

This article was originally published on Fashion Times.